Levels of Administration

The more you get involved with an organization, the more you understand its mission, purpose, and value.

That is true with the BLN as well. Recently, while attending the Southern Baptist Business Officers Conference in Dallas, a member gave me this analogy of how the BLN fits in the big picture.

Every Church Business leader should be connected at three different levels.

National Level - The Church Network does an outstanding job of connecting Church Business leaders from all denominations. They are a great resource for training, networking, fellowship, and information.

Local Level- The Church Network again does an outstanding job through their local NACBA Chapters. Through these local chapters Church Business leaders can connect with other Church leaders in their area for networking and training. These local groups usually meet once a month and is also for all denominations.

Denominational Level- the BLN offers Baptist Church leaders a way to connect to others within their specific denomination for more training and networking. Most major denominations offer this level to Church Business leaders.

Every Church Business leader should be connected at ALL THREE LEVELS